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Daily Graphing Questions FREE
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Making data collection part of your daily routine is easy with these graphing cards. Students will take a genuine interest because they will get to cast their vote on a regular basis to a variety of kid friendly questions. Each survey question comes with 2-4 picture choices making it easy for you to differentiate according to the needs of your students.

The graphing questions and choices are designed to fit in a rectangular pocket chart (approximately 12 x 30 chart not included), but can also be displayed just as easily on a board using magnetic tape. The students cast their vote by placing a small colored rectangle above their choice. Check out the picture in the preview to see exactly what I mean.

How I Use This Product:

Display the question and choices either on the board or in a pocket chart. Each day choose 5-10 students to cast their votes and then interpret the results as a class. Because new students get to cast their votes each day, the graph is constantly changing and can be reinterpreted everyday. To create the opportunity for higher level questioning, have your boys cast their vote using a different color than the girls. Once everyone has had a chance to vote, its time to choose a new question! Would you prefer to a different graphing question each day? Check out my Daily Graphing Questions Bundle which contains 195 questions!

I have also included a printable graphing worksheet that you be used in conjunction with these cards. The worksheet is designed to be used with any of the graphing questions and requires that the students use the data collected by their classmates to create a tally chart, a bar graph, a picture graph and then finally to use their math thinking to write about their graphs and the data that was collected. This is a great way to occasionally assess the students understanding.

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Author: Busy Bee Creations

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