Third Grade Weekly Division Problem Solving: Common Core

Third Grade Weekly Division Problem Solving: Common Core
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Third Grade Division Problem Solving and Word Problems

This problem solving pack is packed full of both single and multistep problem solving for division practice. It is designed to be used as weekly practice either in school or as homework with one problem being done each day. It is organized with 2 days on a page with room for their work. The 5th day of each practice is gives students an opportunity to apply a higher level of thinking by creating their own problem when given the equation. This could be used as a performance task. The 5th day also integrates some quick practice on using patterns in numbers to solve for the next number.

Students are asked to not only show their work but to model. Common core is requiring more and more that students be able to explain how they solve their problems so I’ve included that as well.


24 pages of practice (2 problems per page)

8 weeks of practice mixed with single & multistep problems

8 Performance Tasks embedded (1 each week)

Common Core Standards posted on each page

** Because Common Core encourages students to solve problems using a variety of strategies, an answer key is not given.

**COMMON CORE Standards Covered:





Variations of use:

Instead of using weekly, cut apart to use in math journals, use for cooperative learning, homework….They don’t have to be used in order or by day.

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