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Times Tables Crack the Code Activity: 0-10 x tables

Times Tables Crack the Code Activity: 0-10 x tables
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This activity is a fun way to keep times tables practice going and covers all the times tables from 0-10.

It can be printed as an 8 page booklet, or as ndividual worksheets.

Students use the code to find the answers to 4 different jokes per worksheet.

Times tables are tested in the following 5 pairs:

•The 1&10 times tables
•The 2&5 times tables
•The 3&9 times tables
•The 4&6 times tables
•The 7&8 times tables

The tables are tested up to 12x the number, plus some additional sums to make up the 26 multiplications needed to cover the entire alphabet - such as 100x the number, 20x the number etc

There is also an extension activity that tests all the times tables together.

Keywords: math, basic operations, mental math, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, homeschooler, worksheets, fun stuff, printables
Author: Cazzie-The-Tutor

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