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Linear Functions (LF1): 8.FA.1, 8.FA.2, 8.FA.3, HSF.BF.A.1.A...

Linear Functions (LF1): 8.FA.1, 8.FA.2, 8.FA.3, HSF.BF.A.1.A...
Linear functions provide a great introduction to function concepts of input and output as well as giving students insight into the relationship between tables, equations and graphs. This mission is aligned with Common Core State Standards: 8.FA.1, 8.FA.2, 8.FA.3, HSF.BF.A.1.A, HSA.CED.A.1, HSA.CED.A.2.

The fun stuff:
Magic genies! They take your candies and then return a different amount, sometimes more (yaay!), sometimes less (boo!). Why? How? Because they are functions and they do arithmetic! First, lines are functions, then lines are geometric objects. Modeling with genies gives students a context for tables, graphs, equations, and developing questions that inspire them to write and solve equations! Profound and fundamental!

The zip file includes:
★The mission. (12 pages).
★A two-page Quick Start guide for teachers. Detailed and helpful!
★Selected Answers in pdf form.
★Selected Answers online, password protected. For students to correct at home!

The mission includes:
•Using the genie scenario to develop expressions, tables and graphs.
•Developing essential questions: For what input do two genies return the same value?
•Evaluating the output of functions for various inputs.
•Differences and similarities between different linear functions.
•More essential questions: What input produces a particular output? Etc.
•Answering questions about functions from tables, graphs or equations.

Keywords: algebra, applied math, graphing, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, 10th grade, homeschooler, homeschool curricula, activities, cooperative learning
Author: Courage To Core

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