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Seasonal 120 Chart Game Boards

Seasonal 120 Chart Game Boards
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This set of seasonal board games encourages practice on the 120 chart - one game board for each month of the school year!

Using dice, students jump, climb and slide along these "snakes and ladders" type of boards. They record the equations as they go on the differentiated recording sheets:


*Start on 10. Roll 5. Write 10+5=15

*Land on 15. Climb the ladder to 8. Count to solve 15-?=8. Write 15-7=8

*Start on 15. Slide to 35. Count to solve 15+?=35. Write 15+20=35.

With a new board for each month of the school year, students will get lots of practice, and hopefully begin to make predictions and notice patterns on the 120 chart that will help to develop a great math sense.
Great for seasonal independent math centers!

Keywords: math, basic operations, holidays/seasonal, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, homeschooler, fun stuff, games, math centers
Author: Whimsy Workshop Teaching

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