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Time Bump Freebie! Telling time to 5 minutes

Time Bump Freebie! Telling time to 5 minutes
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This BUMP game helps students practice telling time within five minutes. This is a variation of the popular BUMP game.

Laminate the game board for durability. Cut out the game boards and put them in a bag. Pairs of students each get 8 counters. One student pulls a digital time from the bag and covers that time with their counter. Students take turns doing this. If another student has covered the time with their counter another player can bump them off if they pull the same time game card. The first player out of counters wins the game! ******************PLEASE use the game board that is the second page of this download with a blue boarder- if you print the worksheet as the game board the cards will not match.

Also included is a telling time worksheet.

Keywords: math, basic operations, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, fun stuff, games, math centers
Author: Charlee Allen

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