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Rapid Calculations SINGLE SET: Mental Math Practice

Rapid Calculations SINGLE SET: Mental Math Practice
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SINGLE SET (4 cards)
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Help your students improve their mental math skills and master the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts with these rapid calculation cards.

* No-prep. Easy to use
* Enjoyable learning
* Easy to differentiate

This pack includes 4 cards which contain 5 rapid calculations each for a total of 20 rapid calculations.

For each calculation, the teacher (or a student) reads the problem out loud. Students do the math in their head and see if theyre right at the end. For example, the teacher says "12 plus 3 plus 7 divided by 2 times 5 equals" and the students replay with (do you know?) "55." (Answers are included.)

Students love this fun activity, and its so easy to differentiate for different levels. Simply say them slowly with long pauses for beginners or rattle them off for a more advanced challenge. Keep practicing, and youll see your students skills improve!

Students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

Appropriate for grades 3 - 10 (even high school students can enjoy this activity & keep their mental skills sharp)

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