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Roll and Add Freebie Math Game
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A simple template for your students to practise adding single digits.

This resource includes two versions of the game board to include 20 or 30 numbers. There are also Australian and US spelling versions.

I have included options for ‘Roll and Colour/Color’ or ‘Roll and Cover’ depending on if you would like your students to colour in the circles as they go, or use counters to cover the numbers instead.

Students will need two six sided dice. Students roll the dice, and add together the two numbers on the top. Students colour or cover the sum of the two numbers on their sheet.

Students can play independently to practise their addition facts, or play with a friend by taking turns. If playing with a friend, have each student use a different colour pencil or counters. The student with the most of their colour once the whole board is covered wins.

Of course, you can choose to use this resources however you see best fit for your classroom and students! Feel free to tag me in your ideas to share :)


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Author: The Organised Teacher

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