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Math Dice Games - 18 pages in 1 good for all seasons

Math Dice Games - 18 pages in 1 good for all seasons
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These games are great for all elementary and middle school Math classes. All you need is 4 number cubes (dice). Your students can use calculators or mental math. The directions are posted at the top of the game. Its similar to the popular Math 24 game, but its much cheaper and simpler!

Player 1 rolls all four dice and has 1 minute to use any of the four operations and the four digits showing on the dice to try to get one answer found on his side of the board. If Player 1’s answer is on his side of the board, he colors that shape. If he cannot match an answer, he passes. Player 2 then takes a turn. The first player to color all of the shapes on his side of the board is the winner.

When students finish, they can create their own version of the game by choosing their own numbers and writing them on the second page.

These games require minimal teacher preparation, and once your students play for the first time, they will have the rules down with no problems.

These games are great for sub plans, holiday lessons, and competitive math fun. Thanks for shopping!

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