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Multiplication Arrays Worksheet - FREEBIE | Distance Learning Packet

Multiplication Arrays Worksheet - FREEBIE | Distance Learning Packet
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Are you looking for a fun activity to practice multiplication arrays? This resource contains one identifying arrays FREEBIE sample from my Multiplication Arrays Worksheet set.

That complete set contains posters, array identifying worksheets, an array game, arrays cut and paste sheets, and four square arrays pages. These engaging pages work great for math stations, review, homework, and guided math groups. My students love playing the arrays game and the cute "Baby Monsters" clipart.

That resource includes:

1 Arrays Poster - Color

1 Arrays Poster - Black and White

4 Identifying Arrays Worksheets

3 Arrays Cut and Paste Worksheets

1 Capture the Monster Babies - Multiplication Arrays Game

5 Four Square Arrays pages

Keywords: math, basic operations, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, homeschooler, worksheets, activities, math centers
Author: The Froggy Factory

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