Counting Coins Made Easy! (Sample Pages)

Counting Coins Made Easy! (Sample Pages)
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Are your students having a difficult time with counting coins? The Magic Money method has worked for me for the last 9 years of teaching money to 1st and 2nd graders. This download includes:

- a chart that students might place in their homework/classroom folders with realistic, dual-sided pictures of each coin, coin values, a chant for each coin, and the placement of the dots that will aid them in counting the coins.

- a one-sheet parent explanation of how the Magic Money system works, and how to use it to help their child become successful at counting coins at home

- a hundred chart that specifically aids children in becoming fluent at counting by 5's (a necessary sub-skill for using this method)

-a coin counting worksheet sample with answer key

-a sample word problem page

This method will work for the vast majority of your students. Don't worry about them relying on the dots. With time, they will begin to chunk larger values together until they are counting coins in a more traditional way.

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Author: Nicole Rios

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