Order of Operations Task Cards - Footloose Math Game

Order of Operations Task Cards - Footloose Math Game
Students love Footloose! It's a great way to review concepts AND keep students moving and engaged at the same time. Order of Operations Footloose includes 30 cards, each of which has an order of operations problem to solve. Some of these problems do include parentheses and exponents. Students solve every problem and record their answers in the corresponding box on the Footloose grid that they each receive.
This activity includes the Footloose grid, 30 cards (a set with polka dot background and a set without background - SAME set, just the option of a background for you when you print them), an answer key and directions. I would recommend copying the 30 cards onto cardstock and/or laminating them.

Keywords: math, order of operations, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, homeschooler, activities, assessment, games
Author: Cognitive Cardio with Middle School Math Moments

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