Digital Task Cards: 1-Digit Addition

Digital Task Cards: 1-Digit Addition
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Digital Task Cards for Paperless Classroom!

Features of using Digital Task Cards:
• No Printing Required!
• No Laminating!
• No Cutting!
• No Prep!
• Interactive!
• Self checking!

This is an interactive PDF, please make sure any device you may use this on has a PDF reader (such as "preview" on Mac, or "Adobe Reader").

This resource includes:
- 3 sets with 16 interactive task cards
- instructions on how to get the PDF onto your iPad or computer

Instructions for navigating the document:
• Each task card has a single question and 4 possible answers.
• Student have to pick the correct answer.
• If the answer is correct, the student will be taken to a reward page.
• From the reward page the student can click ‘Next’ to move to the next page.
• If the answer is incorrect, the student will be taken to a message page directing them to try again.
• From the try again page the student can click ‘Try Again’ to return to the math problem page.

Keywords: math, basic operations, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, activities, interactive whiteboard, task cards
Author: WhooperSwan

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